Artec 3D Scanners

Artec Group develops and manufactures innovative solutions and products. The company, headquartered in Luxembourg, consists of a team of high-caliber specialists who have been working together for more than 10 years, and who are seen as leading experts in the sphere of capturing/processing of 3D surfaces, as well as face recognition.  

Artec 3D Scanners are cost-effective, portable scanners that capture quick, textured, and accurate scans in high resolution and vibrant color. Artec 3D scanners have a measuring speed of up to 1.5 million points per second which allows for almost unlimited applications.

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View some industrial 3D model samples here.

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Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner

Developed for the International Space Station, the Artec Space Spider is the new and enhanced version of the Artec Spider.  Designed specifically for CAD users who require absolute ...

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Artec Eva & Eva Lite 3D Scanner

Artec Eva 3D scanner is the ideal choice for those that need to receive a quick, textured and accurate scan. Eva doesn't require markers or calibration. It captures objects quickly in high ...

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Artec Leo 3D Scanner

Easy 3D Scanning

The first 3D scanner to offer onboard automatic processing, Artec Leo is able to provide the most intuitive workflow, making 3D scanning as easy as taking a video.  As you ...

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Artec Ray Laser Scanner

Artec Ray Crapped

  • Ultra-High Precision, Fast Laser Scanner
  • Scan Up To 110m Away
  • Cleanest 3D Data Capture for Minimum Post-Processing Time
  • Ideal for Construction, Inspection, and Product Design

The fastest, ...

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Artec Studio 3D Software

Artec Studio 12 Scanning1

MAKING ACCURATE 3D MODELS has never been so straightforward

Artec Studio features Autopilot, an advanced smart mode which guides users through 3D scanning and data processing in a few easy ...

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DezignWorks plugin for SOLIDWORKS

DezignWorks, a fully integrated SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner and the distributor of advanced revers engineering software widely used by professionals across multiple industries, offers the DezignWorks ...

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