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Matter and Form 3D Scanners can be used to create digital models for 3D printing, AR/VR, video games, art and design, engineering, CAD and so much more.  Artists, educators, museums, archaeologists, archivists, and many other professionals worldwide use Matter and Form 3D scanners every day to capture and produce 3D models of their projects.

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How it works

  • The Matter and Form 3D Scanner digitizes physical objects and displays them as interactive 3D models on the computer.
  • Place an object on the scan bed and watch as its digital double is created on screen.
  • Scanned 3D models can be analyzed, manipulated, and edited with Matter and Form's MFStudio software and exported into other programs (TinkerCAD, Sketchup, Blender, and more).

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Tech Specs

  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Complete scans within 1-10 minutes
  • Works on ALL 3D printers
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Comes with MFStudio, Matter and Form's next generation scanning software
  • MFStudio supports English, French, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese
  • Project-based Learning Modules available!

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