Amatrol - Automation Systems

A vital area in advanced manufacturing, automation is the ability to control mechanized processes without needing continuous operator input, thus increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing cost. However, successful automation depends on well-trained employees who thoroughly understand the function and operation of automated machinery.

The Automation courses offered by Amatrol show learners how automation impacts their lives and cover general automation principles, components, and applications with a special focus on two of the most powerful automation tools, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and robots.

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Programmable Logic Controllers

Programmable logic controllers and robots have revolutionized the manufacturing world. Amatrol provides a hands-on learning experience with the industry’s two most prominent PLC producers, Allen-Bradley and Siemens.


The Pegasus, Amatrol’s smallest robot, has an open arm design that supports hands-on knowledge application and skill development. While small in size, the Pegasus is a giant when it comes to teaching and learning capabilities. Starting with basic robot operation, the Pegasus can take students through application development and programming all the way to multitasking and flexible manufacturing cell operation.