Amatrol - Industrial Electronics

Electronics Training with Hands-on Skills and Multimedia Curriculum

Amatrol’s electronics learning systems combine hands-on skills and multimedia curriculum to form a training experience with unmatched breadth and depth. This product focuses on electronic drives and programmable logic controllers to give current and future workforce members the knowledge that they’ll need to excel in the their career paths.

Electronics training will come in handy for technicians, engineers, production workers, and many more!

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To learn more about how our training systems are developed, take a look at Amatrol’s Advanced Manufacturing Program.

Power and Control Electronics - T7018

AC Electronic Drives - 85-MT10-1

DC Electronic Drives - 85-MT10-2

PLC Troubleshooting System Platform - 890-PEC-B

PLC Troubleshooting - AB Control Logix - 890-AB5500

Portable PLC Troubleshooting - AB Control Logix - 990-PAB53F

PLC Troubleshooting - Siemens S7 - 890-S7

Portable PLC Troubleshooting - Siemens S7 - 990-PS712F