NIMS ITM Certifications - Duty Area 2 Basic Mechanical Systems

To prepare individuals for the performance-based portion of the certifications, in addition to the NIMS recommended eLearning, Amatrol offers OJT manuals, Instructor's Guides, and hardware trainer/simulators. Amatrol's hardware trainers utilize industrial components to recreate industrial applications to teach the hands-on skills required to complete the NIMS certifications.

NIMS Duty Area 2 - Basic Mechanical Systems

- 20 eLearning Modules

Hardware Systems Available to Support Hands-On Training:

  • Basic Measurement (990-MES1 or 950-MES1)
  • Mechanical Drives 1 (950-ME1 or 990-ME1)
  • Mechanical Drives 2 (95-ME2 or 99-ME2)
  • Laser Alignment (95-ME2A)