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FANUC’s CERT - Certified Education Robot Training

As more companies incorporate robotics into their operations, the demand for high-paying careers related to designing, implementing and using industrial robots is increasing. Fanuc’s Robotics’ Certified Education Robot Training or (CERT) program certifies instructors at high schools, trade schools, community colleges and other universities to train their students to program Fanuc robots through on-line and hands-on training courses using actual Fanuc Industrial Robots. This creates a tremendous opportunity for schools to expand their training to include a certification on a real, industrial robot from the number one robot manufacturer in the world!

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Certified Education Robot Training (CERT)

LR Mate 200iD - Six Axis Articulated Arm Robot

M-1iA - Six Axis Delta Robot & M-1iA CERT

CR-35iA - Six Axis Collaborative Robot

iPendant - Teach Pendant Utilized On All Fanuc Robots

RoboGuide - Offline Programming/Simulation Software

eLearn Courseware