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Whether it’s for students, teachers or staff, furnishing your school is a key aspect of making a comfortable, productive environment for everyone. Good school furniture design is specialized to the unique needs and workflow of your school. Interior Concepts is prepared to work with you every step of the way to help you create an engaging space.

It’s best to do some research at your school and carefully consider what it needs before making a purchase. After all, you have an opportunity to make your school a beautiful, inspiring place while making the most efficient use of your space and resources. You’ll soon find the traditional classroom or workspace layout is a thing of the past – now, there are more options than ever for the modern school to be a place that brings diverse people together in flexible ways.

Factors for consideration include accessibility, comfort, durability and aesthetics. Interior Concepts delivers on all counts. They manufacture quality furniture, made in the USA that is MAS® Certified Green. Interior Concepts furniture looks like new for years, and is confidently backed by a lifetime guarantee. Instead of selecting standard designs from a catalog, work with us to create a space that will work for today and for years to come.

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School Furniture Products

Computer Labs Interior Concepts 12 S

Computer Lab Furniture - Computer labs used to be a once-weekly privilege where students were able to share a screen for thirty minutes to play the Oregon Trail, or to test their typing speed. However, the role of the computer lab has changed over the years, with definitions and design that vary by school district. Computers in classrooms now facilitate technology-driven curriculum in areas such as industrial design, animation, and programming. With students employing robust software packages, these technology-rich computer labs require dedicated workstations designed to comfortably accommodate students and their CPUs, monitors, scanners, and printers.

Media Center Furniture Interior Concepts 4 S

Media Center Furniture - You need to create functional places where students can work and collaborate in your media center, library, learning commons, or Makerspace. Interior Concepts is here to help. From circulation desks, to study carrels, to the distinctive Media Curve workstation, to tables and student media center computer workstations, Interior Concepts has you covered with their media center school furniture. Interior Concepts will help to create functional desks and workspaces for staff, and multi-purpose learning environments for students.

Technology Furniture Interior Concepts 10 S

STEM Lab & Technology Furniture - Design your technology furniture and STEM lab furniture to meet the needs of your curriculum. Interior Concepts has designed school furniture for years for career and technical education (CTE), and have created new designs to meet the needs of STEM programs nationwide. Today’s programs require furniture that allows collaboration, looks professional, and can withstand years of use. Interior Concepts delivers on all counts with furniture that is backed by a lifetime warranty, made in the USA, and is MAS® Certified Green.

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