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WB Manufacturing can design, build and deliver standard cabinets and lockers, modular casework, mobile furniture and custom solutions for any environment.  From fixed solutions for non-active environments, to custom modular and mobile units for active and semi-active installations Wisconsin Bench Manufacturing can design, build and deliver what you need when you need it.

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Furnishings need to be functional, versatile and strong.  WB Manufacturing can design, build and deliver tables and desk tops with the correct shape and size work surfaces to accommodate the 21st century classroom.  WB provides the strength of fully welded frames, high pressure laminate tops and indestructible edge banding to endure your active environment.



Flexible storage is a must in the classroom, allowing the teachers, staff and students to have storage within easy reach.  Mobile storage - bring it to the lesson area regardless of where the learning is taking place.  Heavy duty casters, optional whiteboard panels, from supplies to technology can now be easily accessible anywhere.

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Repositionable REplay cabinets are designed to provide maximum flexibility and savings in high-impact learning environments.  These fully finished, stand alone, repositionable cabinets can now be installed as a semi-permanent fixture with the turn of a knob or used as furniture, the best of both options.

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From labs to store rooms or counter tops to shelves, the flat work surface is often the last piece of the furnishings to be finalized.  WB Manufacturing has been delivering shelving and counter tops for almost every environment for the past 30 years.

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After successfully incorporating mobile and modular storage into your learning spaces, having long-term permanent storage completes the entire storage requirements.  Rely on standard or specialized casework for labs, general classrooms, administrative and maintenance areas, libraries and fitness centers.

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With over 100 skilled American workforce professionals in their plant in Thorp, Wis., WB Manufacturing can build what you need when you need it.  Quality materials and processes ensure affordable, durable, long-lasting products backed by a comprehensive warranty.

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