SolidWorks offers the best suite of tools for engineering design, documentation, simulation, and sustainable design in one easy-to-learn software package.

Certification and experience with Solidworks is an in demand skill. Making 3D designs that can be exported to a 3D printer, gives students a glimpse into taking a product from design to testing. In today’s competitive job market, CAD professionals need every advantage they can get, and the SolidWorks Certification Program gives your students a proven edge. Solidworks offers a host of resources for education and a Solidworks Certification course that can help get your students into careers. Solidworks offers tutorials and specialized curriculum for educators (Including: robotics, STEM, medical, machinery, F1, Formula SAE, and a host of other topics!).

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SolidWorks® Education Edition includes:

  • SolidWorks® Premium Software 
  • SolidWorks® Simulation Premium
  • SolidWorks® Motion
  • SolidWorks® Flow Simulation
  • Complete Curriculum, including a  Teacher Guide and Student Guides, that makes teaching easier at  every level.
  • Extensive interactive Courseware  projects
  • Access to our online educational  community, plus our library of  articles, tutorials, product resources,  and more.

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