Mastercam QuickPart

Easy to use.  Fun to learn.  Instant Success!

Mastercam QuickPart delivers a motivational step-by-step, screen-by-screen approach that guides students through the CAD/CAM/CNC process.  Students create their own designs and cut parts from day one.  Even more importantly, QuickPart keeps them focused on learning the terminology, principles, and the processes of CAD/CAM.CNC while using industry leading Mastercam, making parts, and having fun.  Can also be used in conjunction with 3D printers.  QuickPart is a great tool for recruiting students to your program.

Mastercam Quick Part Keychain

Students Can Make:

  • Jewelry
  • Signs
  • Plaques
  • Key Chains
  • Medallions
  • Luggage Tags
  • And more!

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Quick Part (Hi Res)

Teaching Mastercam with QuickPart

Mastercam QuickPart presents students with one screen and one concept at a time.  Each step must be completed before moving forward.  QuickPart coaches the student, helping them make the correct choices.  Fields and processes in QuickPart are just like Mastercam Mill screens, so students are learning Mastercam as they work through their projects.  Machining knowledge is also embedded throughout the program, guiding the students successfully through the machining process.

Instructor Tools:

  • Instructor Configuration - The instructor has control of student options and can create multiple defaults to lock and unlock parameters.
  • Documentation - Each step in QuickPart has simple instructions on the screen.  Instructor and Student Guides are provided in PDF format for quick reference.
  • Setup Sheets - Students can print a detailed setup sheet for each project showing toolpath, stock size, location, touch off position, selected tool, etc.  Instructors may review this information before running the CNC machine.

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