Synthetic Humans

This line ranges from educational models for anatomical reference to advanced surgical simulators which breathe, bleed and react like live patients. SynDaver synthetic humans are tailored to meet a wide range of needs and can be customized with variety of pathologies and injuries based on patient images, CAD drawings or simple descriptions. Individual tissues have been developed over the course of the last two decades to accurately mimic the interaction between tissue tools and live tissue. Because of this, they are an ideal substitute for live animals and cadavers.

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Patient Model

Syn Daver Patient W Accessories1

The SynDaver Patient is the newest addition to the award-winning SynDaver Synthetic Human (SSH) product line. In addition to all of the existing features that have made the Synthetic Human ...

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Surgical Model

The SynDaver Surgical Model is the most elaborate and sophisticated full-body surgical simulator ever devised, featuring complete and functional musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, ...

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SynDaver Advanced Modular Mannequin (SAMM)

The SynDaver Advanced Modular Mannequin (SAMM) is the only Modular Mannequin (Simulator) available in the world. Constructed out of ruggedized 3D printed armor, SAMM is aimed at both the nursing ...

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