Task Trainers

SynDaver SynAtomy Task Trainers enable training in a wide variety of procedures, from a range of imaging techniques including ultrasound, basic suturing and anastomosis skills to advanced surgical procedures such as chest tube placement, emergency airway management, and vascular access.

Syn Daver Adult Airway Intubation Web  Syn Daver Surgical Abdominal Trauma TrainerSyn Daver Basic Suturing Kit

Extraordinary Features

These task trainers are made with SynTissue synthetic human tissues which are comprised of salt, water and fiber, which feature the world's most realistic tactility. SynTissue synthetic human tissues match the acoustical characteristic of real human tissue.

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Adult Cric TrainerSyn Daver Airway Trainer Vivid Vision Syn Daver Central Line Trainer

Available SynDaver SynAtomy Trainers include:

  • Airway Trainers
  • Ultrasound Trainers
  • Wearable Simulators
  • Surgical Trainers
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Basic Suturing Skills
  • Anastomosis Skills
  • Pump Accessories

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All Syndaver products are made in the USA.

Airway Trainers

SynDaver SynAtomy Airway Trainers are realistic medical training platforms ideal for teaching the techniques associated with tracheal intubation.  With these trainers, students will be able ...

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Basic Suturing Skills

SynDaver Basic Suturing Skills tissues were designed with extensive input from SynDaver's medical device, hospital and military clients to exhibit realistic puncture resistance, suture holding, ...

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