In 1988, Epilog Laser introduced their revolutionary systems that demonstrated the performance and accessibility of laser engravers in business, both large and small.  Since then, Epilog has remained committed to designing and manufacturing the highest-quality laser systems for all your engraving, etching, and cutting needs.

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All laser systems are manufactured at Epilog's global headquarters in Golden, CO.

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Epilog Zing Laser Engravers

Epilog Zing Laser Engravers are small format, high-quality models combining affordability with a convenient size - perfect for entry level users and smaller projects.

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The ...

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Epilog Mini 18 and 24 Laser Engravers

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The Epilog Mini 18 & 24 are an ideal way to move into Epilog's Legend Series.  The Mini 18 & 24 are top-of-the-line laser systems producing high-quality engraving and cutting ...

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Epilog Helix 24

Epilog Helix 24: For engravers looking to work with larger pieces or products, the Epilog Helix is an ideal choice. The Helix's generous 24” x 18” x 8.5" work area will allow you to engrave ...

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Epilog Fusion Pro Laser Machines

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Introducing the Epilog Fusion Pro Laser line - the fastest laser engraving systems on the market.  Boasting a maximum speed of 165 inches/second, and featuring 5g acceleration, the Fusion ...

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